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We are friendly and professional tutors

Professional maths tutors supporting students from varied backgrounds achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.

We are friendly, knowledgeable and supportive tutors with a mission to help students achieve their goals regardless of backgrounds or abilities. We cater for all age groups. 


We specialise in maths tutoring, acting as a guide and supportive peer. We have a collaborative approach based on strong communication with students and parents alike. We help students meet their in-class requirement by gearing the content of the tutoring sessions towards the school curriculum.

We are based in Wandsworth, London. 

Created to support young people

Xavier created Clever Cookie to put students at the heart of each session! This is about you! 

Xavier graduated from the University of Essex with a Bsc in Mathematics & Economics in 2006 and spent over a decade working in market research, sports coaching and tutoring.

Xavier launched Clever Cookie in 2020 to support young people by assisting them with their education and help them overcome any short comings. 

Whilst Xavier is not a qualified teacher, he has years of experience understanding and motivating young people as a maths tutor, qualified running and triathlon coach. He is DBS checked. 

Using our experience from our professional careers to support and encourage young people to succeed. 

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